Exchange of knowledge

Applied research, contract activities and education are inherently linked. Growing cooperation between lectorates and knowledge services allows the NHL to handle increasingly difficult matters.

The NHL main aim is innovation through application of technology across sectors. Cooperation between students and lectorates often yields innovative and surprising solutions. The NHL is a professional knowledge partner for the business sector, but it can also compete with commercial research agencies.


The NHL increasingly cooperates with, or on behalf of, other knowledge institutes, authorities and the business sector. The NHL is a committed and reliable partner that performs custom-made paid assignments for organisations through circulation of knowledge and applied research. This is done both regionally and internationally.

Research Groups

Research Groups are involved in exchanging knowledge between the educational institute and the professional field within a specific specialisation. To that end, the NHL maintains close relationships with companies and institutions both within and outside the region. The NHL aim is to grow into a Regional University of Applied Sciences.

Knowledge centres

The various knowledge centres at the NHL combine all the knowledge that is available in a certain field of study: experts, lecturers, and students work together to solve business issues. All lecturers at the NHL are professionals in their respective fields.